I could watch you forever.

Hi there.
I'm Lizzy :) I'm 21. From NY. Movies/shows heal my wounds. Muti-fandom blog. Enjoy. :)


the walking dead season 4 + quotes [1/?]

i’m atlanta city police and i have enough artillery in here to kill you every day for the next ten years. you mess with me or my family, and i swear to christ i will put you down.

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Hi I’m Troye Sivan and I have the ability to make straight girls all around the world fall in love with me.

And the gay boys…..

And everyone.

And Tyler Oakley


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Stop trying to make Bethyl happen. Its never going to happen. 


[whispers] daryl has romantic feelings for rick, pass it on

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This phone call. It’s my note. That’s what people do, don’t they? Leave a note. Leave a note when?

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Zombieland (USA, 2009)

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